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Integrating Library Resources into Elearning

Library Services

This page includes the services that can be embedded into Elearning. 

These services focus on support instruction and leanring via Elearning. 

  • Adding a librarian to your Elearning class
  • Remote instruction and research support in Elearning
  • Learning Glass Studio 
  • Interlibrary loan and Course reserves

What can librarians do when embedded in e-learning classes?

What can Librarians do when embedded in an Elearning class? 

It is possible for faculty and instructors to embed librarians into their online learning classes. We can be added to the class using the unique designation of "librarian." 

When added to Elearning classes, we can: 

  • Create research support content for students. For example, we can add quick lessons on how to navigate the library website, refining a research topic, how to find and evaluate information for specific research scenarios, academic integrity and citations, etc. 
  • Communicate directly with students through the classlist and discussion forum
  • Create Chat features so students can contact us through the Elearning platform
  • Use WebEx or Virtual Classroom to synchronously/asynchronously connect with your class
  • Link to library digital library resources(e-books, articles, streaming videos, etc...)

Librarians cannot see grades, give grades, or impact attendance in anyway. 

Who is my liaison librarian? 

Each department and program has a designated liaison librarian. The subject librarian list is organized by department. 

How to add a librarian to an Elearning course

  1. In your Elearning course go to “Communications” and select “Classlist”
  2. Under “Add Participant,” select “Add Existing Users”
  3. Search by last name, change role to “Librarian” in dropdown menu on far right. Then select “Enroll Selected Users”

Research Instruction in Elearning

Information Literacy Instruction via Elearning and Webex

Subject Librarians are available to provide information literacy instruction remotely via Elearning  and Webex. 

The University Libraries also provides online content through a few different platforms. This content can be easily embedded into our Elearning environment.