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Tutorial: Using the Library Level 1 Humanities and Social Sciences COM 6010

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Tutorial: Identifying scholarly information

Video: How to read scholarly articles

Image: Comparing different disciplines writing styles

How to read a scholarly article 

Different disciplines have different writing conventions. The social sciences (sociology, education, etc...) and the humanities (literature, philosophy,etc...) writing styles rely on a combination of

  • established and subjective information 
  • new, original information from the author(s)

Both structures typically include

  • summary
  • introduction
  • context
  • approach
  • discussion/analysis
  • conclusion

Differences can typically be found in

  • the abstract  (included or not)
  • methodological versus theoretical approach
  • citation style (APA versus MLA)

When reading and referring to  an article 

  • start with the abstract, introduction and conclusion to get an over all sense of the content. 
  • paraphrase from the objective sections
  • cite directly from the subjective sections

Video: What are peer-reviewed articles?

Quiz Peer-review