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Research Time Management

Organize your research projects by learning new time management and project management skills. You will learn how to break down research projects, set up a schedule for time management, and create a step-by-step process with a timeline to get it done.

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Kate Langan, Engagement Librarian

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Kate Langan
3015 Waldo Library


Research Time Management

This workshop will help you 

  • Organize your projects
  • Stay motivated and avoid obstacles 

We will work through

  • Identifying project deadlines and target dates
  • Writing project summaries
  • Knowing where to go for help

This workshop is good for

  • Anyone who wants to work on improving research project management (or academic time management)
  • Anyone who is new to the topic or wants to learn more. 


Let's take a quick inventory

Before we get started, let's identify some ways people might struggle with research project management. Take the poll below. It is anonymous. We will revisit these ideas throughout the session. 

What is your biggest hurdle in research time management?
Managing time efficiently: 8 votes (17.39%)
Balancing multiple projects: 2 votes (4.35%)
Getting started (procrastination): 12 votes (26.09%)
Knowing how to use the libraries: 1 votes (2.17%)
Understanding the assignment: 0 votes (0%)
Where or when to get help: 0 votes (0%)
Fear of failure: 3 votes (6.52%)
Overwhelmed by large projects: 5 votes (10.87%)
Some or All of the above: 14 votes (30.43%)
Other: 1 votes (2.17%)
Total Votes: 46

Timeline Poll

What do you think about first when managing your research projects?
Style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.): 0 votes (0%)
Final due date: 5 votes (22.73%)
How long the paper or presentation needs to be: 2 votes (9.09%)
Draft due date: 1 votes (4.55%)
Setting aside time for research: 1 votes (4.55%)
Designating time for writing: 3 votes (13.64%)
Allowing time for with proof reading: 1 votes (4.55%)
Some of the above: 5 votes (22.73%)
All of the above: 2 votes (9.09%)
Other: 2 votes (9.09%)
Total Votes: 22