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Research Time Management

Organize your research projects by learning new time management and project management skills. You will learn how to break down research projects, set up a schedule for time management, and create a step-by-step process with a timeline to get it done.

Find support

Find Support

Here are some resources on campus that are available to help you manage your research projects.

Communicate! Get clarification, ask for feedback, and find support.

  • Don't understand all or parts of the project? 
    • Meet with your professor or TA
    • Double check that syllabus!!
  • Don't understand where to find information or how to use the library?
    • Connect with a subject librarian  in-person, via webex, via chat
    • Use Library Chat
  • Don't feel confident about your writing skills or experience writer's block?
    • Make an appointment with the Writing Center
  • Don't manage time well or have trouble with procrastination? 
    • Make an appointment with Campus Counseling
  • Worry about perfection or fear of failure? 
    • Make an appointment with Campus Counseling
    • Work with a librarian or a writing consultant to help with some of those fears in the research or writing process. 
  • Struggle with motivation?
    • Find a project partner or study buddy
    • Reserve a  group study study room in Waldo Library 
  • Hard to concentrate? Don't have enough quiet space to work? 
    • Reserve an individual study room in Waldo Library 
    • Make an appointment with Campus Counseling
  • Intimidated or shy to ask for help? 
    • Please know that we are all here to help you succeed!

Library Services and Spaces

The University Libraries offers many services and resources for help.

University Services

There are many program on campus that exist to help students with all aspects of college life, from peer tutoring and coaching, to writing tutoring, and stress management: 


What one concept do you think will help you the most with research project management?
Knowing where to find the information for my research pojects: 1 votes (5%)
Who to turn to for help with writing: 0 votes (0%)
Who to go to for help with research: 1 votes (5%)
The templates for the timeline and project summaries: 5 votes (25%)
Creating a timeline with specific deadlines: 7 votes (35%)
Knowing there is help on campus for more than just writing or research: 2 votes (10%)
Advice for how to stay motivated: 2 votes (10%)
How to manage group projects: 0 votes (0%)
Knowing there are spaces in the library to work: 1 votes (5%)
Other: 1 votes (5%)
Total Votes: 20
After this workshop, I have learned a few tools and/or resources that will help me improve research time management.
Strongly agree: 9 votes (47.37%)
Agree: 10 votes (52.63%)
Neutral: 0 votes (0%)
Disagree: 0 votes (0%)
Strongly disagree: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 19

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