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Instructor Guide for Library Course Reserves

Integrating with E-Learning

Library Course Reserves – Integrating with E-Learning

Setting up a course through WMU Libraries is recommended for accessibility, allowing students to directly access documents available via the Course Reserve System.

To set up your course, reach out to library reserve staff and/or your subject librarian or visit Log in to the WMU Course Reserve System at:

Once your course has been created in the Course Reserve System, link it to your E-Learning course by:

  1. Select "add existing" in the topic area of the module to which you would like to add the E-reserve.
  2. Select "External Learning Tool"
  3. Select " WMU E-reserves"

In the description box for your course - add the password for your course as well as any other beneficial information for student

Select "open as external resource" - This allows student to review order of readings and titles required without needing to log directly into the Course Reserves System

Library Staff will need the last 6 digits of the url in E-Learning to complete the integration in the Course Reserve System

Important Design Note: Linking documents in E-Learning is still recommended as it allows students access to alternative formats through Ally (A with down arrow icon to right of linked documents). It also ensures that students receive notification of completion progress within individual modules, receiving a checkmark when item has been reviewed as well as a ratio of completion for all module items and activities.