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Saving Seeds

How to Save Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange goes in-depth on harvesting and storing seeds. Learn about open pollinated vs. hybrid plants, how plants pollinate, market maturity vs. seed maturity, how to harvest, and how to store seeds.  

Intro to Seed Saving (Online Discussion - Video)

An expert from the United States Botanic Garden discusses the basics of seed saving, answers questions, and offers advice on how you can begin saving seeds yourself. 

Seed Saving with Abby Harper (Video)

Abby Harper in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension discusses seed saving in a video format.

Seed Saving with Shiloh Maples (Video)

Shiloh Maples in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension discusses seed saving. A video transcript and FAQ provided. 

Easy Seed Saving for Everyone

High Mowing Organic Seeds provides direction for preserving pepper, tomato, pea, and bean seeds for the beginner gardener. This link also includes directions for crossing your own hybrid cross variety of summer squash.

The Five Easiest Plants for Seed Saving

Nature's Path provides simple directions for five easy seeds to save: peas, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers.

Saving Vegetable Seeds

The University of Minnesota Extension provides information on harvesting, storing, and preventing disease in vegetable seeds.

6 Tips for Saving Seeds

A Center for Food Safety infographic with six helpful tips for saving seeds. View or download the infographic.

How to Save Seeds From Your Garden for Next Year

Our Heritage of Health provides steps and tips for preserving heirloom seeds.

Saving Plant Seeds for Next Season

Michigan State Extension provides an overview of harvesting and storing seeds for the next season.

40 Reasons to Save Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange lists 40 benefits of saving seeds.

Experience the Many Benefits of Seed Saving

Michigan State University Extension discusses the benefits of seed saving for you and your community.