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Woodwind Resources

Designed for woodwind students at Western Michigan University, this is a woodwind player's guide to library and information resources.

Library Search

Find books, articles, and more at WMU

Online Catalogs

Use Online Library Catalogs to find books, scores, and recordings.  Library catalogs will also locate subscriptions to journals and magazines, but not usually articles within journals and magazines.  Do not use catalogs to search for articles in journals.

Common Woodwind Classification Numbers

Look for woodwind music under these classification numbers

(the first part of the library call number):

Flute alone M60-64
Piccolo alone M110.P5
Oboe alone M65-69
English horn alone M110.E5
Clarinet alone M70-74
Bassoon alone M75-79
Saxophone alone M105-109
Piano or other keyboard accompaniment:  
Flute with piano M240-244
Piccolo with piano M270.P45, M271.P45
Oboe with piano M245-247
English horn with piano M270.E5, M271.E5
Clarinet with piano M248-252
Bassoon with piano M253-254
Saxophone with piano M268-269
Solo instruments with orchestra  
(higher number indicates accompaniment arranged for piano)  
Flute with orchestra M1020-1021
Piccolo with orchestra M1034.P5, M1035.P5
Oboe with orchestra M1022-1023
English horn with orchestra M1034.E5, M1035.E5
Clarinet with orchestra M1024-1025
Bassoon with orchestra M1026-1027
Saxophone with orchestra M1034.S4, M1035.S4
Music for instruction  
(methods, technique books, etc.)  
Jazz instruction, including play-along books MT86
Music for instruction by instrument:  
Flute MT340-348
Piccolo MT357-357.8
Oboe MT360-368
English horn MT376
Clarinet MT380-388
Bassoon MT400-408
Saxophone MT500-510