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SOC 4800: Sociology of Organizations

Lists suggestions for resources that contain data or articles related to organizations. Created for SOCIO 4800 Sociology of Organizations.

Citing Tip

Many databases format citations you have found into one of the common styles.

Look for "Cite this" or "Cite" or a similar link.

Most Popular Style Guides

The Department of Sociology uses a number of different style guides which are listed below. Be sure and ask your instructor which one you should use.

ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide

HM 73 .A54x  (Reference Desk Collection)
The ASA Style Guide is designed to aid authors in preparing manuscripts for all ASA journals and publications. Provides complete information and is the authoritative statement on style, format, and other specifications for manuscript submissions.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) for ASA, APA and other styles

provides an online user-friendly, comprehensive guide for students that includes many examples of how to cite print and non-print sources in the most common writing styles, such as APA.

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