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Finding information for your assignment

Finding Information 

For this assignment you will use two  different approaches to finding articles. 

  • We will use one specific databases to find articles. 
  • We will use Library Search to find articles.
What is the difference between a database and Library search? 
  • Library Search is a global search across all databases and physical items we have through and in the University Libraries. 
  • Proquest  Research Library is one of those databases. 
Which approach will bring back more results? better results? 
  • Since Library Search searches across hundreds of databases it will bring back more results that just searching Proquest Research Library. 
  • Just searching Proquest Research Library will mean the results list will be more manageable. 
Helpful hints on using databases
  • You can find all databases from the library homepage on the A-Z database list. 
  • If you are off campus you will be prompted to log in with your BroncoNet ID and password for these databases and all electronic library resources. 
Successful Search Strategies
  • Be flexible with your search terms. What works in Proquest research Library might not be effective in Library Search. 
    • A thesaurus can be a great tool to find different words.
    • For example, the words 'characteristics" could be "traits" or "qualities". You might want to try all three. 
  • Assess your information for quality and reliability  


Videos: Introduction to the Library Website and Library Search

Watch these two videos for an overview of the Libraries website and how to use Library Search.

How to use the Libraries homepage 

This video introduces you to the different features that you can find on the Library Homepage.

How to use Library Search 

This video walks you through strategies for using and navigation Library Search. 

Self check: Library Search and the Libraries Homepage

Take this  short survey

What  did you learned about Library Search and navigating the library website?

Introduction to Types of Information

Types of Sources

This short tutorial explains the many  different types of information sources  we will encounter in Library Search and Proquest Research Library, 

Library Search Step by Step for you Assignment

How to use Library Search for Effective Problem Solvers

The image below shows you how to develop your search:
  • From the Library Home page select  Advanced Search. This will allow you to enter your search terms.
  • Enter your search terms.
    • Problem solving as a subject
    • and success OR characteristics OR traitis

Narrowing the results

  • We can narrow down the 19,000 results by selecting dates and types of information. 
  • We can narrow down by date. 


Proquest Research Library Step By Step for your Assignment

How to use Proquest Research Library for Effective Problem Solvers

The image below shows you how to develop your search:

1. Use Advanced Search. This will allow you to enter your search terms.

2. Enter your search terms. One concept per line. 

3. Select anywhere from the drop down menu. 

4. Hit search. 


Understanding the results list

On the results list, you can narrow down your topics. 

1. Select magazines. You'll notice the number of articles drops from over 200,000 to a mere 12,000.

2. You can further narrow your results by selecting date ranges. 

3. Click on full text to read the article.