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ATYP: Conspiracy Theories

Newspapers and magazines

Cover the “official” story

Support with sources. Avoid giving a history lesson. You will need two reliable sources that corroborate one another, such major newspapers and magazines like Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Christian Science Monitor, Slate Magazine, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Search within Popular Periodicals and Magazines

Search within the periodicals and magazines linked below. The links give you access to these publications through the Libraries website. (It might take a few seconds, but you'll get there.)

Search within Major National Newspapers

Search for a topic within the national newspapers linked below.

Note: the Christian Science Monitor link takes you to a library website page, where you can click on another link that takes you to the newspaper database.

Search within Newspaper Article Databases

Search for topics using the newspaper article databases linked below:

Sources that Espouse Conspiracy Theories

When you are doing your ATYP assignment on conspiracy theories, how do you actually find sources authored by individuals or groups that espouse a specific conspiracy theory? This can be challenging, and this is an issue we in the Libraries are still researching. Below are a few resources that discuss conspiracy rhetoric and conspiracy propogandists. Understanding what language or terms are used by people that espouse conspiracy theories when talking about a conspiracy theory will help you, as ATYP students, find sources.