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MUS 4790: Influence of Music on Behavior

A guide to the information resources that support the research-based assignments of Influence of Music on Behavior.

Citing Articles in Music Therapy

Music Therapy usually uses the style of the current edition of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association for reference lists and citations. This is commonly abbreviated as APA style.  Here is an example of an article listed in a reference list as well as an example of parenthetical citation:


Solé, C., Mercadal-Brotons, M., Galati, A., & De Castro, M. (2014). Effects of group music therapy on quality of life, affect, and participation in people with varying levels of dementia. Journal of Music Therapy, 51(1), 103-125. doi:10.1093/jmt/thu003

When citing the article by Solé and the other authors listed above, use a parenthetical citation listing the first author’s name and the date (Solé et al., 2014).

For more information, see the APA tab in this guide.

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