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KAMSC Biomedical Sciences Class (Ms. Joyce 2023-24)

Guide to WMU resources for Ms. Joyce's KAMSC Biomedical Sciences

Tips for Searching for Info

  • Before you search for books or articles, think about what question you are trying to answer
  • Use books or review articles for general background information about a topic. Use articles when you what specific info about a narrow topic.
  • All databases below except PubMed must be used from library computers.
  • Use specific terms when searching for articles. Use more general terms when searching for books.
  • For more info about Library Search, see the Library Search tabs in this guide.

⚠️⚠️ You cannot access our online materials outside the library! Download PDFs of anything you want to keep, email them to yourself or save to cloud storage. ⚠️⚠️

Types of sources

Background sources

  • Easy to understand
  • Help you find keywords


  • Cover a broad topic
  • More room for explanation
  • Find using Library Search


For more information, see the Biological Sciences Subject Guide.


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