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KAMSC Biomedical Sciences Class (Ms. Joyce 2023-24)

Guide to WMU resources for Ms. Joyce's KAMSC Biomedical Sciences

Introduction to Library Search

What is Library Search?

Library Search is the main search bar for finding sources in Waldo Library. It searches through all our collections, including print and online items, books and journal articles. See the video tutorials below on how to use Library Search.

Library Search is not the only way to find sources. You can also try using a database.

Finding an article using Library Search

Finding a book using Library Search

Finding Books with a Call Number

Once you've found a book using Library Search, how do you locate it?  Look for the location and the call number in the Library Search description of that book. Here's an example:

Book record from Library Search

  • "Waldo Library" is the building the book is in, and "General Stacks" is where in Waldo Library the book is located. 
  • "HD9502.5  B542" is the book's call number. Use this to find a book on the shelf like you would use a street address to find a specific house.

Most of our library books are in Waldo Library. Depending on the letter the call number starts with, your book will be in different places within Waldo Library.Below are ranges of the first letter of call numbers and the floor they are shelved on. The floor names link to floor plans showing where call number ranges are.


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