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Brass and Percussion Resources

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Common Brass and Percussion Classification Numbers

Look for brass and percussion music under these classification numbers

(the first part of the library call number):

Horn alone M80-84
Trumpet or cornet alone M85-89
Trombone alone M90-94
Euphonium or baritone alone M110.B33
Tuba alone M95-99
Drum(s) alone M146
Bells, glockenspiel, etc. alone M147
Xylophone, marimba, vibraharp, or vibraphone alone M175.X6
Piano or other keyboard accompaniment:  
Horn with piano M255-259
Trumpet or cornet with piano M260-261
Trombone with piano M262-263
Euphonium or baritone with piano M270.B73
Tuba with piano M264-265
Drum with piano M284.D8, M285.D8
Bells with piano M284.B4, M285.B4
Glockenspiel with piano M284.G6, M285.G6
Xylophone, marimba, or vibraphone with piano M284.X9, M285.X9
Solo instruments with orchestra  
(higher number indicates accompaniment arranged for piano)  
Horn with orchestra M1028-1029
Trumpet or cornet with orchestra M1030-1031
Trombone with orchestra M1032-1033
Euphonium or baritone with orchestra M1034.B37, M1035.B37
Tuba with orchestra M1034.T8, M1035.T8
Percussion with orchestra M1038-1039
Music for instruction  
(methods, technique books, etc.)  
Jazz instruction, including play-along books MT86
Music for instruction by instrument:  
Horn MT420-428
Trumpet or cornet MT440-448
Trombone MT460-472
Euphonium or baritone MT496-496.9
Percussion MT655-655.9
Timpani MT660-660.9
Side drum, small drum, etc. MT662-662.9
Bongo or conga drums MT663-663.9
Tabla MT664-664.9

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