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This guide will assist users interested in Environment, GIS, Urban Planning, Tourism as well as Geography in general. It is recommended that users make use of other subject guides as appropriate.

Data and Statistics

Data vs. Statistics

Raw data is a primary source. It is available in its entirety with minimal interventions, for you to analyze and draw conclusions from

A dataset is a collection of organized data. For example, an Excel spreadsheet is a dataset.

Statistics are secondary sources describing data in numerical form, such as with counts, totals, and averages.


See our maps guide to learn how to use the library's maps collection.

Resources for finding data

To browse tourism statistics:

  1. Select the Statistics tab along the top
  2. Choose the category "Travel, Tourism & Hospitality"

screenshot from Statista

To search by country:

  1. Select the Reports tab along the top
  2. Choose the category "Country & Region reports

screenshot from Statista


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