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Use the Library Advanced Search to find books in the WMU collection.
If you already know the title or author, use the pull-down arrow to select Title or Author


  • If you are using a phrase in your search, be sure and put it in quotation marks, e.g., "african americans"
  • Use the asterisk * at the end of keyword(s) to pick up variant endings of words, e.g., statis* will retrieve statistic, statistics, statistical, etc.
  • You can use the "OR" connector to string similar terms in the same box, e.g., technique* OR strateg* OR method*
  • You can combine terms in your search, e.g., type "native americans" in the first box, and achieve* in the box directly underneath, to find achievements by Native Americans

About Library of Congress Call Numbers

The WMU Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification for its books.  Because of its many specific classifications, you will most likely find books on your topic in multiple call number ranges.  Use the catalog to identify books, and if you see a pattern emerging in call numbers, then you can go browse in that area in the stacks.

Here is a guide to some areas related to Sociology
H Classification: Social Sciences (General Stacks , 2nd Floor, Waldo Library)
HM1-299 Sociology, general and theoretical
HM251-291 Social psychology
HV697-4959 Protection, assistance, and relief
HN30-39 The church and social problems
HQ1-2039 The family; marriage; women
HS1-3369 Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.; clubs
HN1-981 Social history; social problems; social reform
HQ12-449 Sexual life
HQ450-471 Erotica
HT101-395 Urban sociology; the city
HT390-395 Regional planning
HQ503-1064 The family; marriage; home
HT401-485 Rural sociology
HQ110l-2030.7 Women; feminism; women's clubs
HT601-1445 Social classes (including middle class, serfdom, slavery)
HX821-970.7 Anarchism
HQ2035-2039 Life skills; coping skills; everyday living skills
HT1501-1595 Races (race as a social group and race relations in general)
HT51-1595 Communities; classes; races
HV1-9960 Social pathology; social and public welfare; criminology
HT51-65 Human settlements
HV40-696 Social service; charities
HV4961-4995 Degeneration
HV4997-5000 Substance abuse
HV5001-5720.5 Alcoholism; intemperance; temperance reform
HV5725-5770 Tobacco habit
HV5800-5840 Drug habits; drug abuse
HV6001-7220.5 Criminology
HV6251-6773.3 Crimes and offenses
HV7321-9960 Criminal justice administration
HV8301-9920.5 Penology (including police, prisons, punishment; juvenile delinquency)
HX1-970.7 Socialism; Communism; anarchism
HX806-811 Utopias

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