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Open Educational Resources and Tenure and Promotion

Information for faculty on how to integrate work on open education resources into tenure and promotion guidelines

Using this guide

Faculty surveys show that one of the biggest barriers to work on OER is the lack of recognition for these activities toward tenure and promotion requirements. The purpose of this guide is

1. To help faculty understand how work on OER (adapting, adopting, creating) can fit into current tenure requirements

2.To provide suggestions for ways to revise current Departmental Policy Statements to better reflect the importance of work on OER.


Academic Freedom and OER

OER provide the options for faculty to customize texts to the needs of their own students

1. The text can reflect the demographics and backgrounds of students

2. Adding EDI examples, and removing bias from commercially produced textbooks

3. Customize the textbook around the curriculum you think works best for your students, rather than designing a course around a textbook developed by someone else.

Valuing OER in the Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment Process

This book of case studies is meant to aid faculty, librarians, administrators, and staff members as they attempt to make their work or others' work on Open Educational Resources (OER) matter in the tenure, promotion, and reappointment process at their institutions.

Selected policies and documents

See the below examples for some ways OER has been included in faculty tenure and promotion policy documents and processes

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Created by: Michele D. Behr