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Open Educational Resources and Tenure and Promotion

Information for faculty on how to integrate work on open education resources into tenure and promotion guidelines

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

OER supports effective teaching and assessment in a number of ways.

1. OER can provide innovative and creative ways to present material, including active learning, interactivity, etc.

2. OER can be adapted to specific teaching contexts.

3. Give presentations and publish about your experience. Some suggested journals include



Advancement of Knowledge

Creation (or revision) of OER can be evidence of scholarly activity. Peer review may be a necessary part of making this case.

1. Awarding of grants, such as the WMU OER grants, may be considered as evidence of professional recognition.

2. Adoption and use of OER by other institutions.

Selected Journals

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) is an area of research in the field of education that looks at ways to improve student learning. There is a growing number of highly-reputable conference and journals that report research in this field. Work with OER has great potential for publication in this field. Some journals to consider include:

College Teaching

Active Learning in Higher Education

Innovative Higher Education

International Journal of Learning in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning Inquiry