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Open Educational Resources and Tenure and Promotion

Information for faculty on how to integrate work on open education resources into tenure and promotion guidelines

OER and Professional Competence

For most teaching faculty, working with OER can be good evidence for competence in this area.

Some suggestions:

  1. Survey and gather data on how the use of OER in class affected student learning.
  2. Analyze grades and DFWI statistics before and after the OER adoption to assess impact on student learning and student success.
  3. Revise OER to be more relevant to student needs
  4. Tie adoption or revision of OER to curricular innovation and development.


Student Success and Retention

With the current environment of declining enrollment and emphasis on retention, work on OER can provide evidence of being engaged in improving student success and retention at the institution.There is a large body of evidence of the positive impact of OER on student learning, and an increase in student engagement.