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HIST 4245 : The Vietnam War

Library Search for Books

Use the Libraries' ADVANCED SEARCH to find books on your topic in the WMU collection.

If you already know the title or author, use the pull-down arrow to select Title or Author.

When looking for books by topic, enter your keyword(s) into the search boxes.

SEARCH TIP:  If you are using a phrase in your search, be sure and put it in quotation marks, e.g., "vietnam war"

SEARCH TIP:  Use an asterisk  *  to pick up variant endings of a word, e.g., discrimin* will retrieve discriminate, discrimination, discriminated, etc.

About Library of Congress Call Numbers

The WMU Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification for its books.  Because of its peculiarities, you can rarely search in just ONE place for books on your topic.  Use the catalog to identify books, and if you see a pattern emerging in call numbers, then you can go browse in that area in the stacks.  Most books on American history are classified in the Es and Fs, located on the second floor of Waldo Library.


Use the following subject headings to find books in WMU Library Search. Combine geographic terms and time periods with different subjects to find specific sources on your topic of interest. For example:

Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements

Vietnam War, 1961-1975--China [or Cambodia, Laos, etc.] 

Agent Orange--environmental aspects--Vietnam


Geographies and Time Periods:

Vietnam War, 1961-1975


Vietnam--History--20th century



Cambodia--History--Civil war, 1970-1975



Indochinese War, 1946-1954

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)--History


Key Events

My Lai Massacre, Vietnam, 1968

Tet Offensive, 1968

Tonkin Gulf Incidents, 1964

Mayagüez Incident, 1975


Politics and Diplomacy

Politics & government

Foreign relations

Diplomatic history



Aerial operations

Agent orange -- environmental aspects

Agent orange -- health aspects


Campaigns [for example: Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Campaigns--Cambodia]

Civilian relief

Prisoners and prisons



Social and Cultural Aspects

Protest movements

Public opinion

Social aspects

Mass media and the war

Literature and the conflict

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