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FCS 3150: Global Ecology of the Family

A guide to support assignments in FCS 3150 Global Ecology of the Family.

Using LibrarySearch to find books at WMU

To locate books and e-books using the LibrarySearch system, enter your search terms in the box below. From the search results display select "Books" in the "Refine my Results" section in the left hand column.

Find books, articles, and more at WMU

Explore Beyond WMU's Borders

Use MelCat and WorldCat to identify pertinent resources "out there" that are not owned by the WMU Libraries.  You can request items directly through MelCat and through Interlibrary Loan from WorldCat. We will borrow the book(s) from another library and the service is FREE to you.

About Library of Congress Call Numbers

The WMU Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification for its books.  Because of its peculiarities, you can rarely search in just ONE place for books on your topic.  Use the catalog to identify books, and if you see a pattern emerging in call numbers, then you can go browse in that area in the stacks.  If you find a book that is relevant to your topic you can browse by call number to find other materials in the same subject classification area.

Google Books Search

Google Book Search