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FCS 3150: Global Ecology of the Family

A guide to support assignments in FCS 3150 Global Ecology of the Family.

Health & Education Statistics

Sources for statistical info


Title: The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)
collects and reports data about Michigan's K-12 public schools. Our initiatives in data collection and reporting facilitate school districts' compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the Michigan Department of Education's accreditation plan, Education Yes! 
CEPI is an office located within the Office of the State Budget.

Title: MEAP Summary Reports  Description:  Includes MEAP snapshots and trends, press releases, and school district and school building level rest results.

Title: Michigan Department of Education  Description: Access to Michigan School Report and other reports and documents that provide statistical, background, and related information regarding public, higher, and private education in Michigan.

Title: Social Explorer  Description: Create maps and reports using current and historical census data and demographic information to better illustrate, analyze and understand demography and social change. This subscription is limited to three simultaneous users. Please logout (Sign out) when finished.

Graphs and Charts

Note that statistics from many of these sources can be downloaded and used in spreadsheet or statistical software.