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FCS 3150: Global Ecology of the Family

A guide to support assignments in FCS 3150 Global Ecology of the Family.

The country project research paper

Students in FCS3150 are often required to complete an analysis and comparison of two specific countries. The resources on this page will help you find that information. For sources beyond what are covered on this page, please check out the statistics page on the Global and International Studies guide: 

Country Sources

Statista Country Outlook

Search Library Search

You should also consider searching Library Search (the main search box on the Library homepage) for sources on this. I would select the “Books and Media” radio button and use keywords such as:

Cuba political (or Cuban politics)

Japan economic

Germany business

India energy sector

Argentina social issues (or Argentina social policy)

Or add additional search terms for a more specific search.

See image below for an example of how this looks in Library Search.

Sample country search in Library Search