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Libraries 101: Getting Started at the WMU Libraries

This guide introduces you to the buildings, services, research support available through the WMU Libraries.

Libraries 101


Libraries 101 

This workshop will introduce you to the spaces and people of the University Libraries.It will cover

  • physical spaces
  • virtual spaces
  • experts and service available for help

You will learn how to reserve a study room, use the computers and printers, reserve specialty tech spaces, relax, make an appointment with a subject librarian, and how to stay up to date with all things libraries. 

A little about you

Before we get started, I would love to learn a little more about you. Please answer these anonymous polls. 

Have you ever been to Waldo before?
Yes, recently: 7 votes (63.64%)
Yes, but it has been awhile: 2 votes (18.18%)
No: 1 votes (9.09%)
Where and what is Waldo?: 1 votes (9.09%)
I have not been to Waldo but I have been to one of the branch libraries like Swain Education or Zhang Legacy: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 11
If you've visited Waldo before, why were you here?
Meet friends to socialize: 0 votes (0%)
Study solo: 3 votes (30%)
Use computers / printers: 1 votes (10%)
Use study rooms: 2 votes (20%)
Use tech spaces: 0 votes (0%)
Meet with a librarian: 0 votes (0%)
Get books or articles: 1 votes (10%)
Went with my class: 0 votes (0%)
A combo of the above: 1 votes (10%)
Other: 2 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 10

Recording from Jan 7, 2022