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IADN 1560 - Psychology and Philosophy of the Built Environment

Background Reference Resources

Core databases

Image Sources

Google Image Search is also a valuable tool for images. Also use the "Tools" menu to restrict your search to images without copyright restrictions. 

Terms and Keywords

Suggestions for finding good keywords to refine your searching:

  • Pay attention to words and phrases in articles and resources you find on your topic, particularly those that are very relevant for you. 
  • Think about the kinds of people your housing is designed for: elderly people, young people, homeless people, etc.  Try searching for those terms together with a term like housing or dwelling or residence, etc. So if your topic is dormitories, you might try searching "college students" together with housing or residence.
  • Try using synonyms to expand your searching. For example if your topic has to do with a housing type for older people you could try additional terms such as elderly, senior citizens, etc. 
  • Use truncation symbols to find variations of a word. For example residen* will find residence, residential, residences, etc. 


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