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This guide is designed to support the search for resources in chemistry.

Drawing chemical structures

ChemDraw and ChemOffice+

ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ are a suite of programs for creating professional-quality chemical structure drawings for publication. WMU Chemistry students should request a registration link from the Chemistry Department to download the software for free.


American Chemical Society citations

ACS style guide

These links take you to the ACS style guide, which explains ACS style citation in detail. For a quick citation reference, see the quick guide. The full guide includes detail on the entire writing and publication process.

Journal title abbreviations

Have an abbreviated journal title? Click the CAS Source Index Search Tool icon to find the full title:

Other citation styles

The Citing Sources Guide goes over many citation styles. Always check with your instructor to know what citation style to use.

WMU Writing Center

The Writing Center staff  will talk with you about your paper. Give them a try!

More Info: Writing Center Website

Really helpful books

Books that give very helpful advice on how to conduct research (lab and library) and how to write it up.


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