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A guide to resources for study and research in Theatre

Suggested Databases

SEARCH HINT:  Most databases use a truncation symbol--sometimes called a wild card--that you can use at the end of your keywords to pick up variant endings of that word.  In most databases, this truncation symbol is the asterisk  *

Use this at the end of a root word to pick up all the endings of the word, e.g., child* will pick up child, children, childhood, childish, childlike, etc.

Other Avenues to Articles

There are several other databases that you might search. The following are good "general interest" databases, with articles on a wide variety of Humanities and Social Science topics.

Theatre Design

This is a guide to resources for images and historical documents that may be used in theatre design. For more resources see the guide THEA 1100: Introduction to Theatre Design.

Still Images

See the Audio, Video & Images tab of this guide for sources for images.

Books With and Without Illustrations

Tip: Search for items with the term "pictorial works"




You may not find enough historically-accurate images.  Use textual descriptions to fill in the gaps.

Remember, a highly detailed description by a contemporary may be more useful than an image!  Consider researching:

  • Travel writings and descriptions
  • Scandianvian design
  • Art history
  • Architectural history
  • Scandinavian history (esp. cultural histories)
  • Furniture and interior design
  • Decorative arts
  • Manufacturers
  • Handicrafts
  • Arts and crafts


A Small Sampling of Primary Documents Databases

The following are just a few of the databases you might try to identify primary documents in History.

Whole Kit and Caboodle

Want more help?  Visit:

Primary Documents in History Guide