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Using Zotero

Use Zotero to save and organize your citations. Collaborate with other users and generate bibliographies.

Installing the Add-ons

To install the "add-on" for Microsoft Word, click on "Tools" and then "Add-ons."

Zotero Add-ons

Click "Enable" to enable the Add-on for either Word for Mac or PC.

Zotero enable

Creating a bibliography using Zotero MS Word Add-on

1)    With your cursor, click where you want your citation to appear in the document.

2)    Select “Zotero” tab in MS Word.        
3)    Click “Add/Edit Citation.”

Add or edit citation

4)    Search for your citation and select it.

Search for citation

5)    Hit "Enter."

6)    Set preferences for your document’s citation style.

Set citation style

7)    Click “Add/Edit Bibliography.”

Add or edit bibliography

8)    Bibliography in your chosen style will be added to the END of your document.