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Using Zotero

Use Zotero to save and organize your citations. Collaborate with other users and generate bibliographies.

Lookup the document using OpenURL (searches by DOI or title)

1)    Add the Library Search OpenURL to Zotero

a)    Click on Zotero / Preferences
b)    Click on “Advanced.”
c)    Add the following URL to the OpenURL “Resolver” field:

Library Search open URL linking

d)    Close that window.

2)    Click the drop-down that enables looking up the full text.

Zotero Full Text Lookup Options Dropdown

3)    Click “Library Lookup” to look up the item in Library Search.

Library Lookup

Library Search full text

4)    Alternately, you can click “CrossRef” or “Google Scholar” to try to find the full text from the publisher’s website.

CrossRef to find full text

Add PDF files from your desktop

Attach file to Zotero citation

Find Available PDF files (Open Access)

This will work best from on-campus, because then you will have access to files that the WMU Library subscribes to. From off-campus, this will only work for open access PDFs. To do this, click and select all citations that you want to find PDFs for. Right-Click on those selected citations to see the "Find Available PDFs" menu.

Find available PDFs via Zotero