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SOC 4540: Juvenile Delinquency

About Library of Congress Call Numbers

The WMU Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification for its books.  Because of its many specific classifications, you will most likely find books on your topic in multiple call number ranges.  Use the catalog to identify books, and if you see a pattern emerging in call numbers, then you can go browse in that area in the stacks.

HV 4961-4995 Degeneration/
HV 4997-5000 Substance Abuse/
HV 5001-5840 Alcoholism, Drug Abuse/
HV 6001-6773 Criminology/
HV 7231-9960 Criminal justice and administration/
HV 8301-9920.5 Penology, including police, prisons, punishment, reform, and juvenile delinquency

Explore Beyond WMU's Borders

Use MelCat and WorldCat to identify pertinent resources "out there" in other libraries outside of WMU. 

You can request books and videos from libraries in the state of Michigan directly through MelCat.

You can request books in libraries across the country and beyond by submitting an Interlibrary Loan request in the WorldCat database.

You may borrow items through these systems typically at no cost to you.

Meet Your Librarian

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Carrie Leatherman
Office: Waldo Library Room 1048 (First Floor)
Office Phone: (269) 387-5142