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SOC 4540: Juvenile Delinquency

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Specialized Encyclopedias

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (online version)
Call Number: HM 425 .B53 2007 (Ref)
This eleven-volume set contains over 1,786 essays on topics in the

Crime & Punishment in the United States
HV6779.C74 2008 (Ref)
Contains 3 volumes and over 250 essays on topics related to specific crimes, such as kidnapping or white collar crime, as well as the apprehension, conviction, and punishment of perpetrators.

Crime: An Encyclopedia
HV 6017 .C97x 1993 (Ref)
This British book contains a lot of popular information on famous criminals and crimes, both real and fictitious. It includes entries on weapons, punishment, and other information associated with either past or present crime.

Crime and the Justice System in America: An Encyclopedia
HV 6789 .C6884 1997 (Ref)
In this concise encyclopedia, entries typically contain one to two paragraphs. Each entry includes suggestions for further reading.

Encyclopedia of American Crime
HV 6789 .S54 2001 (Ref)
This 2-volume encyclopedia contains articles on all aspects of American crime. Volume 2 contains a bibliography and an index.

Encyclopedia of American Prisons
HV 9471 .E425 1996 (Ref)
Provides entries by various authors on topics relating to American prisons and their history. It includes such topics as AIDS, educational programs, racial conflict and women inmates. There are also entries on individual historically important prisons.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
HV 6017 .E52 2002 (Ref)
This 4-volume encyclopedia contains articles on all aspects of crime and CJ. Each article includes a bibliography. Volume 1 includes a table of contents and volume 4 an index and glossary.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment
HV 6017 .E524 2002 (Ref)
This 4-volume encyclopedia contains articles on all aspects of crime and punishment. Each article includes a bibliography. Each volume includes a comprehensive list of entries arranged alphabetically as well as by broad classifications, and a chronology of events. Volume 4 includes an index.

Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention

HV6250.3.U5 E55 2010 (Ref)
Covers topics related to victims within the criminal justice system as well as the prevention of victimization. Comprised of two volumes with approximately 375 signed entries.

Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime
HV6768.E63 2005 (Ref)
This two-volume set covers key figures, organizations, activities, and issues related to white collar crime, and includes an historical perspective. 

Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior
HV 6017 .E53 2001 (Ref)
This 4-volume encyclopedia contains articles on all aspects of criminology and deviant behavior. Each volume contains a comprehensive table of contents and list of entries by broad subjects. Articles contain bibliographies. Volume 4 contains an index.

The Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime
HV6441 .D48 2005 (Ref)
Contains approximately 400 alphabetical entries covering international crime persons, organizations, and activities around the world.

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement
HV7921 .E53 2005 (Ref)
Contains over 550 entries providing a comprehensive overview of law enforcement and related areas. Each of the three volumes addresses a different level of law, namely State and Local, Federal, and International.

Encyclopedia of Organized Crime in the United States
HV 6446 .K43 2000 (Ref)
Contains articles on issues, organizations, and people related to the subject of organized crime in America. A timeline is included, and photographs, tables, or figures accompany some articles.

Encyclopedia of Women and Crime
HV 6046.E56 2000 (Ref)
Contains articles on many aspects of crimes by or against women, and related CJ issues. Entries are listed alphabetically as well as by broad topic. Some statistical tables and a bibliography are included.

Forensic Science: An Encyclopedia of History, Methods, and Techniques
HV8073 .T55 2006 (Ref)
Contains over 300 alphabetical entries detailing the history of forensic science as well current techniques, technologies, and key issues.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law
KF 154 .W47 2005 (Ref)
A multi-volume reference work containing entries on a very broad range of topics relating to law. The entries include short biographies and accounts of important court cases and controversies. Kept up to date with annual supplements.

World Police Encyclopedia
HV7901 .W64 2006 (Ref)
This 2 volume set includes a brief profile of each country for background information and context, as well as an overview of the government structure and a detailed description of the various aspects of the police system. A substantial list of additional sources of information is also provided.

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