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MUS 3300: Choral Conducting and Literature

From the WMU Undergraduate Catalog: "The fundamentals of choral conducting are presented, including patterns and rehearsal techniques. The study and selection of literature appropriate to various levels of junior and senior high school choirs is included.

Collected Editions and Monuments of Music

M1-M3 -- Collected Works and Monuments

M1-M3: Collected Works and Monuments -- Generally non-circulating

Here you will find scholarly editions of musical works.  Of particular note, M2 contains monuments of music, also known as Denkmäler.  These are anthologies of notable works of a particular region, time period, or genre.  M3 contains the collected works of particular composers.  Refer to Grove Music Online (in Oxford Music Online), Anna Harriet Heyer's Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music, and George R. Hill and Norris L. Stephens's Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets & Monuments of Music for help finding works in these editions.  Once you have located a work in one of these editions, you can search the edition in Library Search to confirm that we have it.  Feel free to ask for help with this process if you need it.

M2 -- Monuments of Music

Here are some examples of monuments of music.  Notice some of the titles you can see, like Early Sixteenth-Century Music from the Papal Chapel, The Earliest Motets, and Early English Church Music.  The green volumes on the left bear the initials "DTO," which stands for Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, which can be translated as "Monuments of Music in Austria."  Note that the call numbers all start with M2.

M3 -- Collected Works of Composers

Here are some examples of the collected works of composers.  The set that begins in the beginning of the picture has the text Neue Bach-Ausgabe on the spine.  The proper title is Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, or "New Edition of the Complete Works," by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Note that the call numbers here start with M3.


Circulating Scores

Beginning of vocal music scores

Here is where vocal (including choral) music scores begin in the circulating stacks.  Vocal music is found with call numbers ranging from M1497-M2199. Secular vocal music can be found between M1497 and M1998Opera full scores are found at M1500, and opera vocal scores (accompaniment arranged for piano) are found at M1503.  Secular choruses with ensemble accompaniment can be found from M1530-M1546, and secular choruses with piano or unaccompanied can be found from M1547-M1600.

Sacred vocal music scores

Sacred vocal music can be found from M1999-M2199.  Of note, oratorios are found from M2000-M2007, services, including masses, are found from M2010-M2017.6, sacred choruses and cantatas (with ensemble accompaniment) are found from M2020-M2036, and sacred choruses with piano or unaccompanied are found from M2060-M2101.