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Research Impact Challenge

Research Impact Challenge-- What's it all about?

This guide contains five activities designed to help researchers:

  • better understand and manage their online scholarly presence
  • better understand and maximize impact and reach of their research
  • become familiar with open access publication, and the role it can play in scholarly publication

The activities are presented as daily "challenges" that researchers might accomplish over the course of the week. However, each activity stands alone and can be completed separately from the others. You should feel free to select the activities that are most relevant to you and complete them in any order you wish. 

This challenge is for anyone who is interested in understanding and improving the reach and impact of their research. If you are a graduate student, or researcher who has few, if any, publications, these challenges are for you too. If you are just getting started with scholarly activities and publications, these challenges can help you get set up for success, and improve your impact and reach right from the start.

What you'll gain from the challenge

  • Learn to tell the story of your research's impact on your field, the community, and the world.
  • Discover valuable resources to help navigate career milestones such as graduation, job searches, funding applications, and tenure reviews.
  • An understanding of how to demonstrate the impact of your research using a variety of methods

Use the tabs on the left to navigate to each of the activities:

  1. Day One: Establish your researcher identity and claim your ORCID
  2. Day Two: Explore digital repositories and determine whether you have the right to self-archive any papers you’ve already published
  3. Day Three: Explore options for open access publishing, and find open access journals in your field.
  4. Day Four: Find measures of impact and metrics
  5. Day Five: Putting it all together

Each challenge includes a form to submit if you would like credit for the challenge. If you complete all five activities we will send you a certificate of completion as a PDF.



This guide is adapted from the following sources:

Research Impact Challenge at the University of Michigan

Research Impact Challenge at the University of Nevada- Las Vegas

Getting Published: Being an Author at Hofstra / Northwell



Licensed under Creative Commons

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Feel free to reuse, remix, or republish but please credit the authors for their work.

Created by: Michele D. Behr

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If you need help

If you need help with any of these challenges contact Michele Behr, Scholarly Communications and Open Education Librarian.

You can also set up an appointment at the calendar here: