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A guide to resources for study and research in Music


Call numbers for major categories:

M 1200-1249  Original compositions
M 1254-1270  Arrangements

M 1001  Symphonies
M 1002  Symphonic poems
M 1003  Suites, Variations, etc.
M 1005-1011  Keyboard & orchestra
M 1012-1019  String & orchestra
M 1020-1035  Wind & orchestra
M1038  Percussion & orchestra
M1042-1075  Other pieces
M 1101-1160  String orchestra

For more information, and sources for free online scores, go to the Scores tab above.


Books about band are at these call numbers:

  • ML 1300-1354  General
  • MT 733  Pedagogy, Teaching
  • MT 733.4  Marching bands
  • MT 85  Conducting

Some library resources and websites:


Books about orchestra:

  • ML 1200-1270  General
  • MT 730  Pedagogy, Teaching
  • MT 70-71  Orchestration
  • MT 85  Conducting

Some library resources and websites: