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A guide to resources for study and research in Music

Books About Classical Song

Books on classical song are at these call numbers:

Analysis and interpretation  MT 115-121
Bibliographies  Ref ML 128 .S3
Song Literature  ML 2400-2862
Translations  ML 54.6 (Reference and General Stacks)

See also composer's biographies: ML 410

A Song Dictionary

Songs in the Library

Classical songs (also called "art songs") are primarily in collections at these call numbers:

  • ML 1619  More than one composer
  • ML 1620  One composer
  • ML 1621.4  Song cycles

Use the library catalog to find songs. The best way, particularly for recordings, is to search the song title as a phrase.

If you need the music for songs by major composers like Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, etc., it's often easiest to go to the shelf at M 1620 to see exactly which volume(s) you need.

Songs Online

Find sources for free online scores under the Scores tab above. Some other sites:

Texts & Translations

Books of song translations are at call number ML 54.6 in Reference and General Stacks. Recordings can also be a good source for translations.


Guide to Finding Vocal Music