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A guide to resources for study and research in Music


Bibliographies are at ML 128 in Reference, alphabetical by instrument or genre. Examples:

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Books about Strings & String Music

Books on bowed strings are located at these call numbers:

  • ML 850-  General
  • ML 870-  Violin
  • ML 900-  Viola
  • ML 910-  Cello
  • ML 920-  Double Bass
  • ML 927-  Others
  • MT 259-338  Techniques, methods, orchestral excerpts, etc.

Books on plectral strings are at:

  • ML 1005-  Harp
  • ML 1010-  Lute
  • ML 1015-  Others (alphabetical; Guitar is ML1015 .G9)
  • MT 539-654  Techniques, methods, orchestral excerpts, etc.

Chamber Music

General books about chamber music are at ML1100-1165; pedagogy, MT728; bibliographies, Ref ML128 .C4.

Selected resources: