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A guide to resources for study and research in Music


Call number ranges for choral music:

M 1529-1609  Secular choral
M 1611-1624  Secular vocal
M 1999-2199  Sacred choral & vocal
    M 2000-2003  Oratorios
    M 2010-2013  Masses, requiems, etc.
    M 2020-2023  Cantatas and other works
    M 2038-2058  Anthems

Sources for free scores online:

Books on Choral Music

Books on choral music are at these call numbers:

  • Histories, surveys: ML 1500-1554
  • Appreciation and analysis: MT 115 (by composer)
  • Sacred and church music: ML 2900-3275
  • Singing and voice culture: MT 820-849
  • Conducting: MT 85

See also the Composers tab above for finding music by and information about specific composers.

Some useful library resources:

Related Websites

Texts & Translations

Two sources for translations are below. Recordings can also be a good source for texts and translations.

Score Collections

Collections with a significant amount of choral music are:

  • Das Chorwerk
  • Early English Church Music
  • English Madrigalists
  • Musica Britannica
  • Recent Researches in the Music of the...(Middle Ages through 20th century)

Search these as titles in the library catalog to see what is available.

Choral Periodicals

  Choral Journal
  Choir & Organ
  Voice of Chorus America

These are in the Current Periodicals area for browsing; back issues in Periodicals stacks. We have access to many more periodicals via article databases.