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A guide to resources for study and research in Music

Books about Popular Songs

Books about popular songs are primarily at these call numbers: ML1600-1651; ML2400-2551; ML2800-2881.

Some primary resources:


Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are in the library at M 2065 (accompanied) and M 2085 (unaccompanied).

Finding Songs

You can use the library catalog to find a specific song. The best way is to search the song title as a phrase.

Popular songs are usually in collections at these call numbers:

  • M1627  Folk, national, ethnic
  • M1628-1677  United States
  • M1678-1850  Other countries, by continent/region
  • M1900-1998  Specific groups and topics

Some primary song indexes:

Sheet Music Collections

Songs published singly are usually in sheet music format. Sources for sheet music:

Sheet Music Collection - Music & Dance Library
title index to the library's sheet music collection is in the card catalog near the computer stations. Request songs at the service desk.

ONLINE collections:

Streaming Audio

National Anthems